Press kits for journalists are distributed prior to exhibition openings, major events, and publication launches. Press kits contain a press release, web and print quality photographs, and information about exhibition-related events. Alternatively, press kits can be downloaded from the exhibition subpages of our website. If you are interested in an interview with a curator or artist, or have any special requests, please contact us directly.

Journalist Visits to GMB

Free entry is granted to journalists with prior approval by the PR Department. Gallery staff will not accept general media passes, employee passes, or business cards.
If you regularly write about the visual arts, urban topics, or areas of culture, you can obtain a press accreditation. Send an email listing the below information to [email protected], or contact us via telephone. Once approved, you will be issued with a free annual press pass.
  • Personal contact details (name, postal address, telephone number, email address)
  • Media company name
  • Visit date and time
  • Reason for visit
Journalists are welcome to visit during opening hours; a one-off visit outside opening hours can only take place in the presence of the PR Manager. Press accreditation for media visits must be requested at least 2 days in advance. Journalists are subject to the General Conditions for Visitors.

Photography and Filming

During official visits to GMB premises, journalists may film and take photographs free of charge under the following conditions:
  • alignment with GMB's vision and mission;
  • promotion of collections, buildings, and museums;
  • positive impact on the GMB brand;
  • reaching a target group relevant to GMB;
  • work for media with national or international reach;
  • activities for our sponsors and partners.


If you wish to receive press releases directly to your email, write to us at [email protected] and we will add you to our electronic mailing list for press recipients.


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