Artist talk with Inside Job – Ula Lucińska, Michał Knychaus

26/06 / 6:00 pm

There are flowers that are born of mud - is a simple, but broad metaphor that refers to certain species of flowers growing from the murky soil of ponds or muddy river bottoms. It is an image of fragile hope in relation to current transformations and crises. Mud in this parallel is intuitively associated with hopeless conditions. On the other hand, it can be seen as the potential building matter - primordial, breathing soup from which life might crawl onto land.

There are flowers that are born of mud

During the meeting, Ula Lucinska and Michal Knychaus will talk about their practice in which the hauntings from the past and futuristic speculations are intertwined. They will reflect the potential of fiction as a working methodology and explore various (not necessarily real) landscapes that grow on the ruins of the Anthropocene.
The meeting with the artists takes place in the context of their canceled solo exhibition at Kunsthalle Bratislava, which was scheduled to open in May 2024.
Inside Job (Ula Lucińska, Michał Knychaus), photo: Tatiana Takáčová
Inside Job (Ula Lucińska, Michał Knychaus), photo: Tatiana Takáčová
Ula Lucińska and Michał Knychaus work together as the Inside Job duo. Their practice is focused on the use of different mediums and materials, which often leads to the creation of multi-layered, object-based environments. Many of their projects refer to catastrophic scenarios used to reflect the environmental, social and geopolitical changes shaping the present and influencing the imaginarium of possible futures. They both live and work in Poznan, Poland.
They have presented works during art residencies (The Brno House of Arts, Brno, CZ; Aldea Residency, Bergen, NO; RUPERT Residency, Vilnius, LT, A-I-R FUTURA, Prague, CZ; Kulturfabrik , Burgdorf, CH), at individual exhibitions (e.g. eastcontemporary, Milan, IT; FUTURA, Prague, CZ; Cantina, Aarhus, DK; Hot Wheels Projects, Athens, GR; Šopa Gallery, Kosice, SK; BSMNT, Leipzig, DE; 66P Gallery, Wrocław, PL; Pawilon, Poznań, PL; SKALA, Poznań, PL) and collective ones (the 34th Biennale of Graphic Arts in Ljubljana, SLO; Exhibit Gallery, Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien, AT; Kunsthalle Baden-Baden, DE; Zachęta - National Gallery of Art, Warsaw, PL; BWA Wrocław, PL; TRAFO - Trafostacja Sztuki, Szczecin, PL; The Death of Man, Warsaw Gallery Weekend, PL; WallRiss,Fribourg, CH; the Athens Digital Arts Festival 2018, Athens, GR).